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Man's Words or God's WORD

Ever wondered why it is we tend to find the speculations and ruminations of men so much more fascinating than the Words of God? The so-called "Church fathers" (many of whom I would not want to consider fathers of mine!), the Apocrypha, "the friends of God," the writers of the Talmud, etc. -- none of them claimed to be inspired of God. They don't contain the incredible unity, the dynamic power, or the fulfillment of prophecy that we find in the scriptures, themselves. And yet we often find them more intriguing and exciting than the Book of Books. There is only one collection of perfect writings that claims the power and authority to transform lives, conform us to the image of Christ, and "give us an inheritance among all those that are sanctified." It seems like we'd want to spend our time and energies mastering those writings before losing ourselves in the quagmire of the endless meanderings of men. Yet, I know of very, very few I'd consider masters of the Word. In fact, I wonder if I know any! Jesus stressed that it’s absolutely vital to “continue” (same word as remain, or abide) in His Word — John 6:63; 8:31-32; 14:23; 17:17; Matthew 4:4. We know we have three powerful enemies: the world, the devil, and our own flesh, which all work together to oppose our spiritual well-being and effectiveness. Do you suppose these enemies could be what is persuading us to set aside such plain reason in this area? There is a spiritual battle going on, and the main battleground is the mind. "Redeem the time, for the days are evil."

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