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My Danika Wunderkind

My Danika wunderkind; EMT and tiniest firefighter who ever manned the sprawling metropolitan Sussex station, National Merit Scholar, budding young published writer and producer of the most incredible grandchildren yet to appear on the planet who save their Zayde’s sanity on an ongoing basis — Happiest of Birthdays, Crazy-strange scrumpcake! I just wanna say: Nakisha, you've got ALL this great stuff going for you (see above listing) that make you such a highly commendable commodity of a personage. But, even if you DIDN'T have all these noble qualities and attainments, your Daddy would love you OCEANS and TONS and ONIONS and COELACANTHS anyway, just because YOU ARE MY ONE AND ONLY, INIMITABLE AND IRREPLACEABLE DANIKA NEEKERS THE SCRUMP (the very same)!

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