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So very sad, but beautifully touching. From "The Silent Word" newspaper, by Dr. Ted Camp:

"Once Dr. Cathy Rice told the story of a young deaf boy. She said, "I asked the deaf boy, 'what is your sister's name?' He said, 'I don't know, no one has ever told me.' No one had ever told him the name of his two-year-old sister! This greatly touched my heart as I thought of all the Deaf who could say about Jesus Christ, "I don't know. NO ONE HAS EVER TOLD ME." I made a promise that Deaf people would never point to me and say, "No one ever told me." It became my responsibility to tell the Deaf about Jesus Christ. As I met them, I would simply sign, "I am happy to meet you. I may never see you again, but I want to be sure I see you in Heaven. I love the Deaf." I then presented the Gospel. It was amazing! So many of them received Christ as Savior! I realized that because I knew sign language, it became my personal responsibility to witness to them. It may be the only time in their lives to have the opportunity to be saved. I did not want them to say or sign, "No one ever told me." I promised the Lord I would tell them!"

*** Over 80% of the parents of deaf children never learn enough sign language to carry on a conversation with their own child.

The Deaf are considered 95-98% unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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