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No Substitute

Here's something I've been thinking about quite a bit myself, lately. Brilliantly juxtaposed in my life are 1) heights of joy from infinitely rewarding time with my grandkids (including the one still in the warmer!), and 2) still oppressive lows that come like waves when some somber remembrance is triggered (which occurs at least daily). As wonderful as these little ones are (and their slightly larger parents, as well!); as dearly loved by their Zayde they be (and words fail), never could any of them, or all collectively, ever my Wivs "replace." Compensate, yes. But Levi Nathanael . . . (and human beings in general) . . . NOT interchangeable. Especially once they've staked their claim and taken up residence in your heart. Rest assured the truths below were not known to me or my bride, either, until it became our own story. So certainly no verbal chastisement from me; just sharing knowledge I've only come by relatively recently, myself. Really, truly.

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