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Thank You

Thanks SO much for ALL the kind thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement yesterday, on the 22nd birthday of Levi Nathanael Richards. I know I'm a lousy Facebook friend, and I sincerely apologize for that. I'm told my posts have helped, even inspired others, and I'm so glad. Posting helps me, as well, so I keep doing that. But I am pretty lame-tushed (forgive my French) at the interacting part, which I recognize IS a vital part of the whole social media dealio. I stink at responding to comments and reciprocating in the other ways that you have every right to expect from me. I really do apologize. No excuse. But I do want you to know that no comment went unread, no "like" or heart was unnoticed or unappreciated, no tender word of compassion from you missed its mark. I warmly, sincerely, EARNESTLY thank you, from MY heart, for it all, and for your continuing patience with us, and with all our brothers and sisters who still have at least a part of themselves languishing on in that debilitating mode of grieving.

For those still reading on, I just want to add a word. Many still make the very common and natural assumption that Levi took his own life because he hated his life. I can tell you that in his own words, Levi testified in more than one way that was not the case with him. Furthermore, those who were closest to him will tell you he was not depressed. I realize probably the vast majority of young people who commit suicide do suffer from depression. And I certainly regard that as a very real affliction that ought in no way to be despised or taken lightly. For me, there is no "stigma" connected with depression. It's just important to me to know that Levi simply did not suffer from that particular malady. And, for whatever strange reason, it matters to me that others have a correct view of Levi's case. He was not depressed. He WAS having delusions. Either way, something was broken in Levi’s mind, not unlike a broken leg, or (in my case) a broken voice. Not something he brought on himself or had the power to fix by himself.

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