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What a trip; to bring tiny humans into this world; to know that they have some part of you in them; and yet see them depart so convincingly from the mold of you and develop into such distinctive and un-Ernielike creatures! Each of my four kids has long since surpassed me in some way, and it surprises and delights me each time I see it. My Danika wunderkind. We can be wrestling out a problem. We've talked to doctors, professional counselors; Googled it and read the articles. She listens; you're not even sure how attentively. She's given it some thought. She sifts it through, sums it up and slices right through it. States a solution so succinctly and with such electric simplicity and crystal clarity, I really can't help but smile. And she does it again and again. If she weren't my daughter, I think I might hire her to be my life coach. (Funny thing is, I THINK my mind used to work SOMETHING like that, once upon a time, such a long, long time ago 🥴) Like oil on canvas portraits of four uniquely different individuals. Each having clearly recognizable strokes and splashes of you that appear in living color, submerge for a moment, and then surface again throughout. Can't wait to see how the grandkids turn out.

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