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Grief over Levi

For a while there, I kinda laid low on posting about grieving. Partly, I thought it would be healthier for me to leave the house of mourning and focus on other Bible topics for a spell. But even more, I always seem to get this vague feeling that someone might be thinking, "Oh, my . . . STILL?? Is he NEVER going to move on and stop dwelling on his grief?" Not that anyone said anything to me to that effect! Just the mild paranoia of a bereaved, Facebook postin' dad, I suppose. But I'm here to tell ya I plan on going back to posting more regularly on this sadder topic, because a few folks who are suffering loss of their own indicated my last couple posts seemed to strike a chord with them. And if even one or two are encouraged to go on through something I posted, that's good enough for me. I guess I forgot for a moment about one of my main reasons for sharing such things in the first place -- not only to help ME process my own grief over Levi, but to be a help and blessing to OTHERS who have lost someone near and dear. So just a friendly heads up. If they're too much of an unwelcome downer for you, really -- I UNDERSTAND and seriously do not blame you a bit. Not being snide, here. Who WANTS to go to that dark, clammy place when you don't have to? Well I feel like I don't HAVE to so much for myself at this juncture. But I got peeps who may just need a timely reminder they are not alone in the dark, or an empathetic word or poignant insight to help them through what they are currently going through. Really -- some may already have about all the sadness in their lives they can bear. No shame atoll if you 'druther just scroll right on by. In fact, I’d encourage it. And don't let what I share make you worry none about me. 'Course -- I will never turn down the additional prayers, if ye be so inclined.

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