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An Impulse

Impulse that came over me after watching about a half hour of my new (Christmas gift from mine bride) dvd, "Audism* Unveiled": Let's go out and find some hearing people to beat up on. I recognize there are several problems with this impulse. 1) I am a "hearing people." 2) Any attempt on my part to beat up on anyone these days would almost certainly result in ME getting beaten silly instead (which would, of course, accomplish the original objective, but with less than desirable side effects). Rather than go on to enumerate the other problems, I guess I'll just redouble my efforts to learn ASL, build relationships in the Deaf community, and pray that the Lord may use us mightily as deaf advocates, in spite of our failings. (In all seriousness, the information and personal experiences relayed on this video are nothing less than heartbreaking).

* AUDISM: the tendency for hearing people to look down on the deaf as somehow less than themselves, and to treat them as such.

NOTE: Not to be confused with AUTISM; spelled with a "d" rather than a "t". They are two entirely different things.

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