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Lost Media

Prayer needed, please. A student intern lost the disc with ALL the signing we had video recorded on Wednesday, November 28, for our video ASL version of "Growing in Grace." All four of our deaf signers were there, which was a real challenge, as far as scheduling. It was our most productive videotaping session so far; everyone worked really hard and we had finished the book. The intern lost his wallet in the snow during our recent, rare Lynchburg snowstorm, and the disc was in his wallet. It is Digital Media Department protocol to have the recording backed up immediately after completion. Unfortunately, that was not done in this case, so that is the only copy. Wallet and disc are out there in the frozen tundra SOMEWHERE. Please pray they may still be found, sooner rather than later, so we don't have to schedule to record all over again. Or, please pray that our great God may bring something far better out of all this (as He tends to do).

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