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ASL Video Update

Thank you, one and all, for praying for our big video recording session yesterday! We got everything done we needed to and are now finished with all videotaping of the actual signing. We also enjoyed good fellowship together in the process; :deaf and hearing sharing in the work of the ministry, and in enjoying together the truths of God's Word. You could only truly appreciate how clearly God took the helm in this if you knew for yourself the problems and glitches that have kept popping up in our faces again and again through this process, especially yesterday, from the very start of the day! Our time was clearly orchestrated by God, as could be seen in the cool way He staggered the order of our four signers, and the ASL interpreters He provided, one arriving perfectly in time to pick up their part where another left off, in a way I'm sure I would never have known to schedule it myself. Also, one of our chief concerns and prayer requests was the matter of getting everything done in the studio time allotted, as we would not be able to squeeze in any more sessions this semester. Quite amazingly, we did just that, as we watched the clock ever so closely the final hour, and took it right down to the wire, without actually rushing at any time, and with no more than three or four minutes to spare! When it happens that way, I will tell you, it sure seems evident that God is at the controls, all my stressing and restless pacing notwithstanding. What's still left to do? Our hours of recording now must be edited. We hope to add some basic visual effects and on-screen scripture references to go along with the signing. Then, the finished product needs to be put into a usable format for streaming and possibly a phone app, then promoted and put into distribution. Much still has to be done, but I would say the hard part is over. Thanks again SO much for praying. To God be the glory!

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