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A Glimpse...

Another glimpse inside of those who suffer the deep tragedy of a very particular kind of loss. I fear some of these posts I share may come off as a somewhat snarky jab at well-meaning others who are not members of that "elite" group (of bereaved parents). I sincerely hope not. That's not my intention, really. It's also not, by any means, a murmuring or complaint towards our gracious and merciful Heavenly Father. I repeat once more my constant affirmation that "God is LOVE, no matter which way the wind blows." His ways are perfect, and He has never done me wrong by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, He has lavished His Grace on me abundantly. If this post seems negative on God, please look again more closely; I think you'll see that is really not where she's coming from, at all. This is just raw reality of honest emotions, like is found in some of the Psalms; a little "baring of the soul," that I think it would help us to hear and mull over as we all seek to "bear one another's burdens."

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