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ASL Update

I'm very serious when I say I would appreciate PRAYER, please, that the Lord would supernaturally enable me to learn American Sign Language (ASL). It's harder than I imagined, I'm older than I ever thought possible, and I have less time and energy than I keep expecting due to just the unpredictableness of our lives. In our amazing Deaf Church each week, with deaf individuals side by side with professional hearing interpreters and young ASL majors from Liberty University, I feel like the lone village idiot in a town of geniuses. I only wish I were exaggerating. Just as the missionaries I have known have never been blessed with a modern day "gift of tongues" in their efforts to reach tribal people with the Gospel (Acts 2:4-11), I have yet to experience the Lord's miracle "gift of hands" in relating to the Deaf. Most of my tribal missionary friends start a wee bit younger, though. Keep waiting for Him to do a power download of special ASL facility and ease into these gnarly old wrists and knuckles that once moved with some speed and fluidity over guitar strings and fretboard (where on earth did THAT guy go?? If you see him, could you please tell the dude I've been looking all over for him and I only want to talk?) My Deaf friends are very, very patient, and still seem to love their gray bearded idiot, anyway. But I sure would have a LOT more liberty in ministering if I could have more in depth conversations without relying on a third party to "voice" and sign for us. I will humbly accept all sympathy, emojis and words of encouragement. But I am SO not kidding when I say what I REALLY need, what I really am asking for, is your PRAYERS.

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