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Translation Issues

An intelligent and courageous book has just been made available for free on Kindle: “English Bible Translations: By What Standard?” by William Einwechter. This book was highly recommended to me years ago by the late Dr. Theodore P. Letis (author of "The Ecclesiastical Text," and other books) and other men I respect. It’s gone out of print (of course!), so if you wanted to buy a printed paper copy of this book, you would pay $120 or more on Amazon. But you can own the digital version for FREE on Kindle (through Amazon). It gives some of the most well-reasoned answers I’ve seen on the whole translation issue. Are all translations created equal? Is it really up to each of us to just choose whatever Bible translation we “like the best?” Does it matter to God if a particular translation takes certain liberties with His Word at the expense of accuracy? Is there a standard to which Bible translations should be held, or is every man free to do what is right in his own eyes? With the multitude of English translations still growing, I think it's an important read. Proverbs 30:5-6

(Please ignore the abebooks ad below. It attached itself and I don't know how to get rid of it. It has nothing to do with this post).

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