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"Blaming is Just So Easy"

I am very glad to see this post from Melanie Desimone. As so often, she articulates very well what has been brewing in my heart in inarticulate form for a while. I'm afraid my heart has been quick, at times, to seek out an object for blame and a kind of simmering anger and unforgiveness. Not the nicest thing to discover about yourself. I'm afraid, too, I will have to apologize for some finger-pointing, though I may have done it subtly, even slyly, and may have been able to justify it over the course of the past couple years as owing to the very real devastating damage of the loss of a child. Which is a reality not to be trifled with, but ought not to release me, or anyone, from showing forth THE LOVE OF CHRIST. As blaming is easy, it's been easy, too, to let Melanie articulate some things FOR me. I'll have to work a while at finding my own words, in the Lord's time.

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