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"I Love Being Deaf"

Sharing with permission. From a wonderful deaf young lady who is a friend of ours at Living Word Deaf Church. She now wears a cochlear implant, but grew up deaf. Sharing this to promote understanding of Deaf culture. I'm sure Jennifer's attitude here will be really difficult for a lot of hearing folks to understand, but it is actually pretty common in Deaf community, where there has been a strong move in recent decades towards Deaf Identity and Deaf Pride. Many deaf people strongly disagree with the notion they are somehow less than whole and need to be “fixed.” You may take issue with what she says, but, please; I'd ask you NOT to argue on this FB page or even cite scripture to refute her position UNLESS you, yourself, grew up deaf. Just consider it another tidbit learned of a culture very distinct from ours right in our midst. K? 🙂

Deaf Stories..

Long time ago... mom and I went to church and had a great morning service and i would sign ASL to worship songs. When the church service ends... a old couple stop me and ask me... thats beautiful signing.. why do you sign? I told them that "I'm deaf.... (didnt finish my sentence....) "BOINK" and i felt her hand on my head, it really startle me and she started praying so loud and granted me to heal me so i wont be Deaf as I was reading her lips. I roll my eyes 🙄 saying to myself o Lordy. I look at my mom and i can see her face expression 😑. Like she was saying "really!?" I gave my mom a smiling smirk. Then she finish her prayers. I look at her and exclaim at her saying "OMGOSH I CAN Hear!!!! WOW! I can Hear!!!! The lady got excited and she said Oh Praise the LORD!!! Few times she said. I look at her and Said No M'am Im still Deaf and God gave me this Gift and I love being Deaf and nothing wrong and Im just the way I am. And I'm still Deaf! I just walked away as the Lady just gave me the Gape. Mom just gaped the whole entire time and Started laughing after it and I laugh with her. 😂🤣😂 just gotta love being Deaf! #Deaf #deafstories #deafgurlstories #JenStories#DeafJenstories #Funny #Deafcomedy

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