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What we see: "God is good!" or "God is SO good!" When the prayers are answered and the danger removed and we or our loved ones are delivered. (And we very well SHOULD see such praise and thanksgiving when God graciously gives us the blessing or deliverance we so diligently sought! Absolutely NOT knocking this in the least ! “It is meet and right for us to do!")

What we so SELDOM see: (But, thank God, we DO sometimes see! I want to point out, if we look through our tears, we ARE seeing it! God bless those I am privileged to call friends, who even now are reeling from tragic turns, and yet maintain the testimony of ardent faith in a benevolent, Loving 'I AM!')

I repeat . . .

what we SO seldom see:

"God is good! God is SO good!!"

When the afflictions turn from bad to worse, and no deliverance is forthcoming. When Heaven's only answer to our prayers seems to be a metallic, reverberating "NO."

(Of course, PERFECTLY understandable, from a human perspective! We are CRUSHED by this answer. The circumstances are not merely disappointing; they are devastating, so that we may lack the very ability to hold our heads up and respond at all).

What can be so often implied, if not outright stated:

"God is good ONLY BECAUSE He generously, graciously gives us what we want; because He answers our prayers the way we expected Santa to respond to that child's Christmas list faithfully mailed to the North Pole all those years ago. THAT is WHY He is Good."

And that can be just a little heartbreaking, actually.

He gave us at least one book of 42 chapters in the Bible to help us to think otherwise (and I've read it, and it's not a real "feel good" kinda book!):

"Though He slay me . . ." (Job 13:15)

Dearly Beloved: "God is LOVE, no matter which way the wind blows."

In fair weather or foul, He is one and the same God.

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