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Storm Prayers

Thank you so much, everyone who prayed concerning Hurricane Florence! We really came out unscathed - not even a momentary power outage (if you sneeze in the wrong direction in Lynchburg, it causes a power outage!). Some tragic ramifications in the Carolinas, of course; please continue to pray for those whose lives were turned upside down and will be affected for months, even years to come. It’s so easy to say, well, look at that: we evidently didn’t need to get all that concerned and pray as we did - the whole storm just passed them by (Lynchburg declared a state of emergency just in ANTICIPATION of the storm hitting here!), and didn’t turn out to be anywhere near as bad as everybody said! Oh, really? Didn’t NEED to pray as we did? Didn’t amount to so much ANYWAY? Huh.

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