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Message at Caswell Bible Chapel

My message yesterday morning to the beloved saints of Caswell Bible Chapel in North Carolina. Unfortunately, you won't be able to enjoy on FB the amazing hi-tech graphics I employed (a la my crude artwork on white markerboard) to visually enhance this message. I should also alert you I misspoke later in the message, when I claimed it is Agape love the writer encourages in Hebrews 13:1. Very obviously, it is philadelphia (phileo + adelphos); "brotherly love" (ASL sign for "dumb, Ernst!" right here). The point still stands; an inspired writer would not have given exhortations such as those in Hebrews 13 to a group of unbelievers (Isaiah 64:6) Aside from that, the message, itself, is one I strongly feel Christians are not hearing enough in our day.

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