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Loving Request

A word of CONTEXT (still "KING!" 😉) and a loving request to dear friends. At this juncture, more than two years after the fact, I still share on the ramifications of Levi's exodus because THEY ARE STILL THERE, and even now unfolding in new, unforeseen ways. I am not at all surprised if some FB friends feel it's overdone; rather, it continually amazes me how many still faithfully read them and add such loving support as you do (Thank you! I think you must know who you are 💜). I still share about Levi because it really does help me to process, and because there are a significant number who say they appreciate the raw honesty and vulnerability, and it helps them understand and know how to minister to other hurting souls in their circle. I hope to show forth the grace of God in our lives, though I'm sure I'll also lay bare some unsightly human discouragement and failure in the process. I don't share because I fear I must keep the memory of Levi alive. Believe me, there is no danger of him being forgotten by those who truly knew him. I realize some may find it too much, and I heartily encourage them to scroll on by, with my blessing. Please respect that there are others who tell us it is not too much for them. I try to share both the struggles and terrible twilights, as well as the triumphs and even exhortations. I say this to provide CONTEXT: so you'll (hopefully) know, if you're reading a more "downer" post from me, or even a couple in a row, it is just one quick frame in a continuous, ongoing montage of moments, both dismal and exultant, that make up the whole panorama. Please don't think because I'm whining or moaning for a day that I'm down for the count and ready to forfeit the race. If you read the Psalms (ALL of them) David and others do their share of moaning and groaning, and not every one ends on a note of triumph.

Also (and I believe I share this with love and understanding), I ask that you please take care not to share on my posts about even more horrific stories involving people you may know (but I don't). Our hearts are heavy with so much residual sadness, to hear these other stories does not uplift or encourage, but just adds to the weight we already bear. Certainly, share them on your own site as you see fit. [There are notable exceptions. Our friend, Heather, just shared a comment very tenderly and thoughtfully, and with a clear and poignant purpose]. I fear sometimes our sharing tragic circumstances may inspire us to go down the path of "oh, that's just awful, but just listen and I'll tell you something REALLY terrible!" I know that is not the deepest desire on our hearts. People who are severely grieving just, for the most part, want to be heard and have the horribleness of their loss VALIDATED. They know you can't "fix it." You may be surprised to learn you're really not expected to. And such sharing invites comparison. I KNOW there are far too many others out there who have known sorrow as profound as ours, or even more so. Some of the "more so's" may even read this post. But, dear friends, I simply cannot bear to have the tragic loss of our beloved Wivs overshadowed or "one-upped," as if to imply it is not enough, or even held up for comparison in this forum. Please, please take this, not as rebuke or finger-pointing, but as the sincere plea for mercy it is intended to be.

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