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Walking in our Shoes

Haven't shared any of Melanie's posts (thelifeIdidn'tchoose) for a while. This one struck a chord. Again, I honestly don't share any of these things to accost or accuse any of our FB friends, who have been so incredibly supportive, by and large, over these past two years. But I certainly can relate to what the lady says here. We do, at times, hear and feel the judgment and impatience of others (in that other, NON-FB world!) as we walk this path of grieving. May I say, in all honesty (and love), that exhortations to "buck up" and "move on" tend to ring hollow when coming from folks who just have not suffered loss of the same severe nature. Granted, they may indeed have all the proper attitudes and platitudes. And, who knows? They MAY just handle it so much better than we, if it ever happened to them. But that's the thing. It hasn't. You must agree, until then, it is all only hypothetical. You may pontificate all you want on how a Christian SHOULD respond to the death of a child. It has not been put to the test, until you've lived it yourself (Lord willing, it never, ever will be!)

No bitterness here. Hopefully, no self-righteous indignation. Just the same ol' honest appeal for understanding . . . TOWARDS EVERYONE GOD BRINGS INTO OUR LIVES. And empathy. The REAL thing. Romans 12:9-10, 15; Galatians 6:2. Surely THAT is one of the main reasons He allows his children to endure such sorrow upon sorrow (II Corinthians 1:3-7; Philippians 2:27-28).

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