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The Eternal has Allowed

In the midst of heaviest "sorrow upon sorrow" (Phil. 2:27), our personal tragedy can never, ever be catastrophic, because there are no "second causes;" the Eternal I Am has allowed this, and He will use it in bringing about His Eternal Glory and Good (Romans 8:28-30; Psalm 76:10). God, and no other, is "in charge of the drama of my life." He "is in His holy Temple; let all the earth keep silence before Him" (Habakkuk 2:20).

[I'll be the first to admit Keith's doctrine wasn't always right on. I hope you'll just appreciate the heart behind this song with me, and, if anything rubs the wrong way, just try to run it through the proper grid, and make whatever doctrinal adjustments may be appropriate on his behalf. I guarantee Keith's doctrine is PERFECT now, as is Levi's. Is it weird to hope they've had the chance to meet?]

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