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"Code Blue: Deaf are Unreached"

From the website

Realities of our Deaf world today: – Over 1500 Deaf people die every single day. These Deaf are plunged into a dark Christless eternity.

– The Deaf People worldwide are not only unengaged and unreached, but have had totally no access to the Word of God. They live in cities where there is no Deaf church.

– A handful of SBC missionaries are working hard to share the gospel and plant churches among Deaf who have been virtually unaware of the gospel.

IF YOU ARE A DEAF BELIEVER then know in view of these realities and opportunities, we don’t have time to stay stagnant. The gospel is too good and our God is too great.

IF YOU ARE A HEARING BELIEVER then know we desperately need and value partnerships where together we can employ a Biblical strategy for reaching and equipping the Deaf with the gospel.

Population Growth! The church-to-population ratio in the United States peaked at only one Deaf church for every 68,900 Deaf/Hard of Hearing people.

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