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Beautiful Words

Deeply touched by these beautiful words written in honor of Father's Day by our beloved friend and ASL tutor, Beckley (the fastest signer I know!), who is deaf from infancy and was abandoned by both parents. Had to share with you:

"Let me tell about My dad... he is no longer interesting in me as his daughter since I was growing up... I don’t know why is that... but I always love him and already forgive him for don’t want to raise me. I know he have a good life with his wife, Anne and raised my half-brother as a good man, which I respected that. BUT I just wish he accept me for who I am as their deaf daughter.

I realized that he don’t understand what the deaf culture is to him.... I want him to know that I have a family, cars, house, electricity, food, and everything that God already provides for us... Being Deaf, we can do anything! We ain’t mental retarded or stupid (sometime I do in silly way 😂).. or know nothing about hearing culture... nah, I RAISED in TWO worlds!

which I’m successful through Jesus who is raising me since I born! And also HE love me for who I am and give me to be deaf for HIS purpose in my life...

Thank you, Heavenly Father for give me the life and give me to my parents, who hate each other and never been married, not abortion me and you secured me through rough time for 20 years then finally, I’m getting out of my horrible 20 years and become saved by YOU

P.S. God is always good, good! HE IS! ☺️"

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