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"Streams in the Desert" - April 10th

This is my third day of posting entries from the great "Streams in the Desert" devotional by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman (the title I believe she preferred). It probably wouldn't be kosher to copy out the whole book (all 366 daily devotional readings), but I trust you'll indulge me if I feature just a few more I thought just might especially speak to my precious daughter and dear wife, out of several I sampled at random. I mean these to be of particular encouragement to the two of them and my rock star son-in-law in these trying times, but you are all very warmly invited to “listen in!” Tonight's is just a brief excerpt, really, from April 10:

"God trains His soldiers not in tents of ease and luxury but by causing them to endure lengthy marches and difficult service. He makes them wade across streams, swim through rivers, climb mountains, and walk many tiring miles with heavy backpacks. Dear Christian, could this not account for the trouble you are experiencing? Could this not be the reason He is dealing with you? (Charles Haddon Spurgeon) Being left alone by Satan is not evidence of being blessed."

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