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Going Against Instinct

I find that fear and anxiety are the most natural and instinctive reactions to crisis. A roaring lion enters your space, it’s not “unspiritual” to experience a swift surge of crazy adrenaline. Your beautiful, beloved daughter has a second anaphylactic reaction in a matter of days and has to go to ER, just shy of the two year anniversary of your son’s death . . . I described Carissa’s health as “very frail.” After sitting with her today, I’m tempted to upgrade(?) that to “extremely frail.” Some may consider it a quality of life issue, but with each new episode, the potential is all too real that we could lose her. It takes a conscious act of the will to “cast your burden on the Lord;” it is not automatic or “natural” or instinctive. It goes against instinct. But the results are SO much more gratifying and less exhausting and painful. Another major area of prayer. Romans 5:3-5; 8:18-39.

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