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Final Session

Last day of the conference went very, very well. We've made several lovely new friends, and were told the Lord ministered to hearts. Our hearts were ministered to, as well. One concern was time. I had a LOT of material to present. Would I be constrained by the clock and end up having to speed through or cut out important stuff? But there was ample time to fit in everything I really wanted. Another major concern was my voice, as I mentioned. Although no one is walking away calling me "Golden Throat" (like they did John Chrysostom in the fourth century), I can say the Lord definitely came through on that one, too (I did take in a LOT of water up there, spoke slowly and aimed low in pitch). My third big concern was that the Lord would take this rather deep, "strong meat and not milk" subject and make it clear, understandable and heart-impacting for eternity's sake. Pretty sure He took care of that, as well; but still praying for enduring after-effects.

I can't thank YOU all enough for praying along with!

"If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above . . ."

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