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Upcoming Conference!

We're thrilled to announce that God has given the opportunity to hold a conference on "Our PRESENT Heavenly Residence," April 6-8, at Cresco Community Chapel in Iowa. They've been going through my book, "Growing in Grace" in the Sunday School class there, and Pastor Mike Simiele has invited me to present four sessions on this amazing Bible theme: the first on Friday evening, April 6, followed by three more on Sunday. The Saturday in between will be a day of prayer and rest (with a little "taking in the local scenery"), but Karen and I will each present a short devotional to the attendees in the morning; she to the ladies, I to the men. We'd truly appreciate your prayers; this is the first time I've actually spoken on this subject, though I've thought and written about it quite a bit. Please pray, too, that the Lord will be pleased to make my voice as clear and free of spasms as possible (for the listeners' sakes, AND for mine!!). I know I've taken a long break from writing posts on this topic, but I do have several more in mind, and preparing for this conference is refreshing my thinking and firing me up to get back into it again. Sorry about the delay! Lord willing, perhaps we can have these sessions recorded and download them to my webpage, The series is up to date in written form on the blog there; the latest post being "Our PRESENT Heavenly Residence, 12A." 

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