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Standing by Through the Pain

This is probably what you'd call, "preaching to the choir." Because most of the people who read this are going to be the ones who have NOT turned away from our pain, though they've already wept with us and listened to us vent time after time. They know it's never-ending for us and they're okay with sticking around through the messy parts to the bitter end. This post, while not about you, I share as a tribute to you. But also for that sister in Christ (who will likely never read this), who physically turned herself around and walked the other way every time she saw my grieving wife coming at our church. And for that couple that leads the popular Bible study who dropped us like a couple hot potatoes (yes, we noticed). It is not shared with any desire to condemn. Only to recognize. And to say that, while it has added grief on top of our grieving, and hurts like you wouldn't believe, we do understand.  

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