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"Fellowship with His Death"

Some great thoughts written on the deathbed of one of the most profound thinkers and writers among the early Plymouth Brethren: James Butler Stoney.

Well worth your prayerful meditation!

"The more I dwell on the fellowship of Christ's death, the more I feel how solemn it is, and how little understood. If we truly had fellowship with His death, how little should we expect from this place (earth), and how our hearts would cling to Him where He is (at the right hand of the Father in Heaven -- Hebrews 8:1). If you are not set for Heaven, you are trying to make the wilderness a resting place. If you are not anchored in Heaven (Hebrews 6:18-21; 10:19; Colossians 3:1-4), you are sure to drift into the world." (ppl. 240-241)

"Two essential things that are to mark a Christian in this world are fellowship with the Lord Jesus in His death here where He died, and association with Him where He now is. If anyone is truly in the first, his only rest is the second, and therefore it is the "anchor of the soul." If you are diverted from it by anything here, you lose your anchor and drift into the world." (p. 244).

From "Letters of J.B. Stoney"

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