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Honesty in Greif

One thing I've determined in our grief is that I would wear it honestly before others, while still declaring my faith in the "Father of mercies and God of all compassion," rather than don a mask of pretended "victory" over it all.

Others may be frightened or ashamed of the raw pain they see in us, and how disturbingly long it just stubbornly continues on and on. But I firmly believe the ONLY way I can really help others who may follow after in this journey of pain through this vale of tears IS TO BE REAL about it all.

THEN, when we talk of VICTORY, we know it's THE REAL DEAL, and not just another fairy tale that will end up disappointing us. That's why I've loved so many of this lady's posts from the beginning. If you can't bring yourself to say anything else about her, certainly we can all agree she is REAL.

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