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Trusting God

There's most definitely a balance. I confess I am a worrier by nature and was known to be "overprotective" with my kids (just carrying on the gene from my own Mom?) I remember so many outings when my kids were little, and they would want to join others (sometimes young adult college students) in activities that to me seemed to be perilous. Co-workers would ask (I'm sure with the best intentions!); "Ernie, you're a missionary! You're trusting the Lord with your life and ministry and finances. Can't you trust Him with your kids??" I wish I could go back and ask them what, exactly, they meant by that? Does it mean I should just kick back and relax and let them join in on all kinds of fun but risky adventures, because the Lord certainly would not allow mishap or tragedy to strike? I do trust Him. And I find that, since Levi, ironically enough, I don't worry as intensely as I used to. But it's not because I firmly believe nothing bad can happen to someone who is serving the Lord and walking with Him. 


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