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I would like to sincerely thank all of you who have shared my posts. I always feel quite honored by that (and by the very kind things some of you say to introduce your "share"!). I see, though, that some of you have come under fire. I've gone to your pages and seen some pretty strong negative comments, including some ad hominem attacks (old debate ploy: undermine the credibility of a statement by casting aspersions on the man who says it; in this case, me!). So, I just wanted to thank you for sharing my words, and forewarn the rest of you that I AM saying the kind of bold, preachy, pain-in-the-tookus things that tend to be controversial and provoke such reactions. Some flak may be expected. And I wanted to tell you that, though I may see these delightful interactions on your FB page, and I fully own that it is my words that are inciting such violence 😆, I have neither the time nor energy to jump into the fray and do battle over the things I have said. In other words, you're on your own. Defend what you've shared, IF you believe it is biblically sound and IF you feel so inclined. But please, don't you feel under ANY obligation to leap to the defense of Ernest H Richards. I know I tend to be overly sensitive and thin-skinned to such remarks (more so, it seems, since Levi's death). They do hurt my feelers, but I really think the Lord would have me learn to slough those things off better than I do. And, if I truly am speaking on the behalf of the Lord and His Truth (which I surely HOPE I am), then it gives me the chance to claim at least one of the beatitudes (Matthew 5:12-13). So, by all means, DO feel completely free to share, or copy and paste, whatever I post. But don't expect you'll get all "likes" and hearts if you do. 😉 Love from Ernst the irascible. Emerson said: "'Tis man's perdition to be safe; When for Truth he ought to die." 

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