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Absolute Truth

Once upon a time, Christians fought against the lie, "there is NO absolute Truth." Now, Christians still insist there IS absolute Truth. They just no longer believe any of us can know what it is (see John 18:38). I think a big part of why many Christians seem to be putting their faith less and less in what the Bible says (and more and more in celebrated Christian leaders and in their own reasonings [see my last post and Proverbs 3:5]) is we have lost confidence in our ability to KNOW what the Bible really is saying. Part of this comes from so much variance among such a multiplicity of translations. There no longer is a single book that all Christians agree IS the Bible. We all set our clocks to a fixed universal standard, but when it comes to the Word of God, we no longer agree as to one set standard, fixed and unalterable, by which all others are measured. Perhaps an even greater reason is Christians despair of knowing what the Bible really MEANS because, with a mere touch on your smartphone, you can instantly download a half dozen differing interpretations on any given passage from a variety of well-known guys, each with his own series of letters after his name and bestselling books he has authored. Consequently, the rank and file believer either just picks his favorite dude and becomes HIS faithful disciple, OR, throws up his or her hands and says to themselves (f not right out loud) "if THOSE guys, as impressive as they are, can't agree on the right interpretation, how's a regular Joe (or Joanie) like me supposed to figure out what is true and what ain't?" Too much dependence on an elite corps of scholars to determine "what is Truth" is NOT a good thing. A friend of mine calls it "scholarolatry." Dependence on the clergy to know "truth" was a defining characteristic of the Dark Ages. With the Great Reformation, the people returned to the Biblical belief in "the priesthood of the individual believer;" the ability of each true child of God to study and interpret the Word of God for him or herself (assumIng proper diligent study, and humble dependence on the Holy Spirit -- I Peter 2:9; I John 2:20, 27; II Timothy 2:15). Truth CAN be known, my friends. AND BELIEVED WITH FULL ASSURANCE. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is NOT being your friend. Jesus Christ said, "to those Jews which believed on him" (they were already believers!): "If ye continue (remain; abide) in my Word, THEN are ye my disciples indeed (and ONLY then, I gather!), AND YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH, and the TRUTH Shall. Set. You. FREE!!" I don't care how many degrees you got. Don't care if your book's a bestseller for 23 straight weeks and counting. Don't care if you've golfed with five presidents or chilled with Dwayne Johnson. You will never convince me that God Incarnate is not saying right here that you and I can KNOW "what is Truth" and what ain't, by "continuing in His Word." Please see also: I John 2:21; 5:20; John 7:17; Colossians 2:2; Hebrews 11:1; Luke 1:4; II Timothy 1:12. The Faith of Jesus Christ is founded ON CERTAINTIES. 

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