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Adoption & Timing

If I were to judge, "is this the best time for my daughter to take on the responsibility of caring for a tiny human," considering her health challenges . . .

Or, "is it the best time for us to add a new child to our home," amid the already daunting stresses of two grieving parents battling the effects of Lyme disease, in a new ministry and new home, far away from the loving support network we spent decades establishing in Wisconsin . . . My answer would have to be . . .


. . . along with the very poignant truth expressed so succinctly in this quote.

One question that does NOT concern me is, "will we have enough love for this child?" The love is already there, from the heart of our heavenly Father, waiting to be lavished and to be received.

I can assure you, if the Lord graces our home with a child by adoption, this little one yet unknown will know he or she is loved.

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