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Loving Desire to Adopt

Tonight I applaud the love and courage of my daughter and son-in-law in their quest to adopt a child. Nearly 30 years ago, before Carissa was born, her mother and I sought to adopt a young girl who had a background of abuse, but it wasn't what the Lord had for us at that time. Now we feel like our firstborn natural child may be the one to fulfill the loving desire the Lord once placed on our hearts. Last night, we had the joy and privilege of sharing our Christmas with a wonderful young lady whose adoption thirteen years ago was the Lord's means of delivering her from the horrors of human trafficking. This young lady is now a vibrant believer, unashamedly enthralled with her identity as a new creature in Christ. We'd love to have you join us in praying our sweet Carissa and BJ might be used in the same blessed way in the life of some other yet-to-be-named trophy of God's grace!

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