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Sow Tears - Reap Joy

"They that sow in tears shall reap in joy." -- Psalm 126:5

"For in that He hath suffered being tempted, He is able to SUCCOUR (i.e., "RUN TO THE CRY OF") them that are tempted." -- Hebrews 2:18

"The cry of a baby demands examination of the situation by the parents and their provision of what is needed. A cry is a proclamation of helplessness, dependence, trust and need, the recognition that "I cannot."

There is simply too much stress that comes from not crying. Several years ago a chemical was discovered in the brain of anxiety-ridden people. For years chemists have attempted to neutralize the chemical in hopes of bringing relief to the suffering. To date, no medication has proven effective. However, if the tears of the afflicted are analyzed, one will find the anxiety-causing chemical being released.

Tears acknowledge the true condition within that we cannot always see or express. We were not created to be God, BUT TO NEED GOD. Trying to fulfill a job description for which we are not created causes anxiety. Tears are proof that we have begun to give up on playing God. It is pride that keeps us from crying out and therefore keeps us in misery.

If we humans run to the sound of a cry and act on behalf of a distressed person, how much more will the Lord respond to the cries of His children? Just as wise parents do not always pander to a child's every cry, the Lord does not always intervene immediately to relieve our sources of misery.

But as we acknowledge, "Apart from You, I can do NOTHING," look for the Great 'I CAN' to eventually move in. Both our waiting and His moving BUILD FAITH." -- Michael Wells "My Weakness for His Strength."

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