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Comfort for the Hurting

This is an excellent piece that will impart comfort and hope to the hurting.

And I am hurting for my son, Levi, right now, but not "just" for Levi.

I hurt also for the way this loss continues to affect the other loves of my life (and Levi's!); his siblings, and his cherished mom ("the 'gift' that just keeps on giving," say I, with dark sarcasm.).

But for those of you who are currently enjoying the excitement and joy of anticipating a Christmas untainted by the sorrow of loss, it may strike you as a bit depressing, and you may want to just scroll right on by. No shame in that atoll.

As far as I'm concerned, there's no need for you to sojourn through this dark valley if you don't absolutely have to (unless you altruistically want to learn real empathy for the grieving, which is perfectly Biblical (Romans 12:9-10, 15) and highly admirable; in which case, may God bless the socks right off of you and three counties over, into the next state, dear saint!)

There's no joy for me in robbing others of theirs.

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