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Unwelcomed Pain

Even the joy of having my adorable grandson sitting on my lap, absorbed in "Toy Story 2" with his Zayde does not fail to remind me that once upon a time, it was my curly-mopped son, Levi, who snuggled with me on my recliner, in that same, amazing and wonderfully affectionate way. "Will the pain ever end? Not on this earth, no. A mother can experience symptoms at any point in a pregnancy, and distance from pain is no foolproof shield. Fortunately, the symptoms of early pregnancy are usually nausea and fatigue, not teeth-clenching, bone-rattling waves of total-body pain you have to grimace just to get through. With grief (over the loss of a child) -- the REVERSE PREGNANCY -- the horrors gradually subside but never go away entirely. How can they? When something is ripped out, there is always a hole. God is good enough to coat the raw and jagged edges in Grace -- if you will let Him. The pain in your life will remain, but like an oyster that covers an unwelcome irritant, layer by layer, to protect itself, (He) can turn it into a pearl." --"Through the Eyes of a Lion," by Levi Lusko From the size of this pain, and the unwelcomeness of this particular irritant, I be looking forward to one powerfully pretty pearl someday (hope it be soon)! 

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