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Agape Love

I know I JUST shared another post by this fellow bereaved parent, Melanie de Simone But this is exceptional. Please don't read this out of any sense of OBLIGATION. But this is one folks REALLY NEED TO KNOW, if they are committed to truly BEING "FRIENDS" to those who are suffering the loss of a child. These things just don't seem to come naturally or instinctively to most of us. They are usually learned only by brutal experience, or taught by someone, such as Melanie, who has gone through it, personally. Either way, it is very humbling for any of us to take on the role of a learner. But that makes it stand out all the more as an act of genuine AGAPE LOVE (John 13:34-35; Romans 12:9-10). It could just spare YOU the loss of a friendship.

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