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"Running Against the Wind"

"Finally, the light came on, and I knew he (Ray Yungen) was right -- I could not ignore it any longer. Delving into the books written by the contemplatives, themselves, and the well-documented research papers, I became convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that contemplative spirituality was and is a heretical practice. I took my discovery to the next level and included it in my seminar -- a natural response to an important discovery! However, this caused quite a stir! Pastors seemed offended when I challenged the well-known names of the contemplatives: (Richard) Foster, (Brennan) Manning, (Thomas) Merton and (Henri) Nouwen. Some of them acted as if I had blasphemed the Lord, Himself. Suddenly, I was called divisive, a trouble-maker, and unloving."

-- Brian Flynn, former New Ager and "psychic," now Director of One Truth Ministries; from his book, "Running Against the Wind."

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