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"Running Against the Wind"

"When I see the church changing before my eyes, and following practices that I left behind, I can only describe the feeling as one of deep betrayal. Some of the very Christians who helped me to see my wretched evilness and need for God, who once taught me that these New Age practices were anathema to God's teachings, have now opened the door and let the world's ideas breeze in unopposed! How can this be?? These are my brothers and sisters. THEY SHOULD BE JOINING ME IN MY OPPOSITION, BUT THEY DO NOT. I cannot just merely stand at the church door blocking these currents of change. I will run full force against them. For many years, I ran against the wind of God's Spirit, opposing the Truth revealed in the Word of God. Today, I would rather be running against the wind of false doctrine than be swept up in the fleeting emotions brought by unbiblical practices."

-- Brian Flynn; former New Age practitioner and "psychic," now born-again child of God and Director of One Truth Ministries. From his book, "Running Against the Wind."

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