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A Couple Instruments of God's Mercy and Love

God has used many instruments of His mercy and love to sustain and uplift us since the exodus of our "Leviticus."

A select few have actually become established as mainstays in my daily life.

Just ask Karen; I rarely go anywhere these days without my customary fistful of Keith and Kristyn Getty cds!

Not since Paul sued his three mates from Liverpool to dissolve the phenomenon known as the Beatles has a group of musicians so gotten under my skin (April, 1970, if you're doing the math).

Last night, I got my belated birthday present from my beloved wife-bones (Genesis 2:23; Ephesians 5:28-31 KJV), and heard them live, performing the songs, such as "He Will Hold Me Fast," and "In Christ Alone," that have soothed my aching heart (and loosed the flow of tears) time and time again these past fifteen months.

A joy unexpected: getting to thank Keith, personally (after nearly running smack into his wife just offstage, as I returned from grabbing a last minute gulp of water!) for all their music has meant.

Every member of the seven-piece band was impressively proficient; nearly every instrument played, a poignant reminder of our son's own musical versatility: piano, guitar, violin, mandolin, upright bass (Levi graciously left the flutes to me).

Deborah Klemme; marvelously thrilling (as always!) on violin.

But above them all: the pure and unpretentious vocals of Kristyn Getty, like a cool, clear mountain stream (flowing through Ireland, of course!); the perfect complement to her husband's masterful compositions.

Special thanks to Caryl for the amazing third row seats.

Keith and Kristyn: may you never, EVER, lose that priceless sincerity and deep, deep love for our precious Lord and Savior!

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