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Questions Without Answers

I don't believe we ever seriously grappled with the question, "why OUR son?" as opposed to someone else's boy. We have wrestled with "why Levi?" when he had such an evident love for the Lord, such spiritual depth and such potential for impacting others for Christ. And we've struggled with "why our son?" in view of how careful we thought we had been to assure each of our four children how beloved they are, and in light of the fact that NO ONE saw it coming; no one I've talkedto can rattle off, "oh, yeah, there was THIS warning sign," or "I saw THAT red flag with Levi." Unless someone's keeping secrets, EVERYONE we know was completely blindsided. And we've gone a round or twelve with why God would allow such a thing with ANY of these who know Him as Savior. That one three letter interrogative can be a killer, let me tell you. I agree with Melanie as to the Answer.

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