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Saint, or "Just an old sinner, Saved by Grace?"

"The grave could not hold Him that was alive. Neither can it hold the quickened sinner. The grave of sin is no place for a saint. An evangelist said in a meeting, "We shall never be anything but sinners saved by grace, with one foot in sin and one foot in grace." Never, oh! Never, according to Ephesians. If Ephesians 2:1-10 teaches anything, it is the exact opposite of such a statement!

True, the sinner is saved by grace, and by grace ALONE, and this fact should ever be kept fresh in his memory, that he may forever praise God for His wondrous goodness.

But it is equally true that through God's grace the believer in Christ has left forever the old position in sin, AND HAS COME INTO A TOTALLY NEW POSITION IN CHRIST.

Indeed the "SINNER" has now become a "SAINT." God lifted him altogether out of that awful pit of sin and placed BOTH FEET on the solid rock "IN CHRIST" wherein he is to walk in the future, as in times past he walked "in sin." How could a saint walk worthily (4:1) with one foot in sin and one foot in grace?? It is just such teaching that excuses the unworthy and inconsistent walk of many a Christian. Being raised together with Christ, the saint is now to walk "IN NEWNESS OF LIFE." To do this, Christ must become the Life of his life." -- R. Paxson; "The Wealth, Walk and Warfare of the Christian," p. 56-57.

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