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Carissa's Health

Carissa has MCAS ("Mast Cell Activation Syndrome" or Disease) "without question."

For most of their lives, I have been too quick to share details of my kids' lives that were not mine to tell, so I will not say much about this except the following: 1) This is potentially game changing. 2) She and BJ are meeting today with one of the foremost MCAS specialists in the country (EXTREMELY fortunate to get this appointment so quickly after receiving the diagnosis!) 3) I really have rarely, in my entire life, seen the kind of courage and dedication shown by this petite young lady in young or old, male or female, healthy or not so healthy children of God. I could not be more proud (That doesn't mean, btw, that they're not shaking in their boots and crying out to God over this. I assure you they ARE human!).

Your prayers are greatly appreciated. I will NOT be posting the outcome unless Carissa, herself, wants me to. PLEASE; they are both already terribly overwhelmed. I know LOVE will compel you, but PLEASE don't make a special point of contacting them about this unless you already had that plan in mind BEFORE you saw this post. I don't want to add one thin strand of stress to my daughter's already high-stress life. Thank you.

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