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Prayers for Carissa

Thank you all once again for your loving, compassionate response, AND FOR YOUR PRAYERS. I think all of us here agree that the hardest thing about Carissa's new diagnosis is the whole medical establishment is unanimous that the condition is irreversible. Carissa's body is, in a word, broken, in such a way that it cannot be repaired. Her MCAS specialist (who, again, is an MCAS sufferer, herself) says it is like a fire hydrant that has been busted open, and now we are left trying to contain the outpouring flood with Saran Wrap. Can't repair the breach; can't put the water back in. We can only hope to deal with the ongoing ramifications through prescription meds. That's why our hope MUST be in God, alone, Who designed and created all Carissa's complex systems, and with Whom NOTHING shall be impossible (Psalm 62:5).

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