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"Blessed are they that mourn: For they shall be comforted." Matthew 5:4

One of the things I love about the Inspired Word is God's understated style. He doesn't get all caught up in superlatives, or flowery descriptives (the O.T. poetic books being the exception), or the language of drama, as some writers do (who, me?). God never overwrites, and no one will ever be able to accuse Him of exaggeration.

I'm confident that those He comforts will be comforted ABUNDANTLY. As inconceivable as it may seem in the midst, they shall be more than compensated for all that they mourn.

Two verses down is the promise, "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: For they shall be filled." The word, "filled," is used of the fattening of livestock. When Jesus says, "filled," we're talking like big Thanksgiving dinner, with the bodacious drumsticks, mashed potatoes smothered with mom's gravy, that crusty green bean dish, the marshmallowed sweet potatoes, the cranberry sauce (yes, with all the drizzlies, Danika!), the fresh, homemade rolls with dollop of melted butter, right down to the one slice of pecan pie AND one of pumpkin (because you just can't bring yourself to choose between the two)!

I'm talkin' "filled," so that you have no other option but to hold your tum (in appreciation, not pain!), loosen your belt, and plop yourself right down on the old recliner in front of the football game, when you don't even care for football, and resign yourself to inevitable napping.

So, I believe, shall He comfort "they that mourn."

It is future tense, so, while there is certainly a comfort He is faithful to provide in the present (II Cor. 1:3-7; Phil. 2:1), the fullness of this promise awaits that time yet to come. In the meantime, it is our honor and privilege to wait. And to TRUST.

Three times I count in scripture God says He shall "wipe away every tear" -- twice in Revelation; once in Isaiah (the one we had placed on Levi's memorial bench).

A man of God once said, "If Jesus shall wipe away every tear, I would not be as one who had no tears to wipe."

[It's incumbent on me to say the above promises apply to those plain and simple folks who know Jesus Christ as SAVIOR. If you DON'T know Him as your personal Savior, PLEASE talk to me as soon as you're able!]

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