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Scattered Thoughts and Quotes

"To abide in Heaven in the Lord Jesus is my position. My faith is exercised here, and the suffering may be prolonged and continued; BUT I ABIDE THERE, and while abiding ENGAGE myself with everything connected with my Father, and with reference to the position He has set me in.

"In that blessed region where He has placed me (Ephesians 2:6), and where He alone can maintain me, and where I am simply dependent upon Him, it is His interests alone which occupy me, AND THUS IT IS THAT I MINISTER TO THE SAINTS." -- John Nelson Darby

"The primary purpose of one's position is to provide access and intimacy with the Father and the Son, for worship and fellowship." -- Miles J. Stanford

"In Heavenly Places in Christ" (Ephesians 2:6): "Yes, AT HOME IN THE HEAVENLIES, where our conversation really is (Philippians 3:20). NOT VISITING this glorious place from time to time as trial, sorrow and conflict drive us to a higher plane (please see my last post, the "INTERLUDE," to see that is what I'VE been doing -- EHR), BUT SETTLING DOWN IN THE HEAVENLIES IN POSSESSIVE AND PERMANENT OCCUPANCY AS OUR ABIDING- PLACE." (Which is what I am aiming for, as I believe all of us should be -- EHR) -- Ruth Paxson

Ephesians 1:20 "He set Him at His own right hand in Heavenly places."

2:6 "He made us to sit TOGETHER in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus."

"Dare we believe this glorious truth that He who went down to the very depths of sin for us now carries us up to the very highest heights of glory with Him? That is hardly the way to put the question. Dare we NOT believe it??! God has written BOTH of these truths in His Word and, if we do not believe the latter, we do not really believe the former. God has said it, and to disbelieve is to make God a liar.

"Made us SIT together."

"SEATED; how restful and relaxed it sounds! Yet how many of us are most of the time anything but that, but rather buzzing around in a fretful, feverish fashion which is far more earthly than Heavenly in the impression it makes upon the world about us." -- Ruth Paxson

Ephesians 2:6 "He made us sit together in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus."

"Paul was in a Roman prison when he wrote this epistle, but no one would ever know it. There is no smell of a prison in Ephesians. As you open the book it is just like going into some vast, open expanse and breathing the fresh air of Heaven. There is no clank of prison chains to be heard, for Paul is not bound in spirit. He is there as the prisoner of Rome, but this he will never admit, and claims to be "the prisoner of Jesus Christ." What is the secret of such victorious otherworldliness? Paul's spirit is with Christ in the Heavenlies, though his body languishes in that foul Roman prison.

To whom did Paul write this epistle and to whom is it addressed? He wrote it to the saints at Ephesus, but addressed it to the faithful in Christ. Their TEMPORARY residence was at Ephesus, which was the centre of idolatry, superstition, luxury and vice. The shrine of Diana was there, the place of the midnight darkness of paganism. Yet THEIR REAL ABODE was in Christ, which was to them the centre of worship, light, life and holiness. It was at the right hand of the throne of God, the place of the midday light of Christianity.

Oh! My friend, where do you live? "At" or "In"? Do you just live down on earth as a Christian all wrought up into a frenzy of anxiety over life's complexities and problems; it's trials and tribulations; it's sufferings and sorrows? You will surely have them, for they are permitted, even intended by God for your discipline, growth and training. Or do you daily take afresh by faith your position in Christ in the Heavenlies and there find His peace, joy and rest; yes, and the courage and strength to bear and to endure victoriously?

Still one further thought out of "together with Christ:" Where is HE? "Far above all." Ponder these words until they sink into your innermost consciousness and become a very part of you. Where are we? IN CHRIST. Then we, too, are "far above all" in God's purpose, sharing fully in all the conquest, victory and power of that exalted position. In Christ we are as far above the power of Satan as Christ is; therefore, we may be more than conquerors, always triumphing in Christ (Romans 8:37; II Corinthians 2:14). Is it any wonder that through all the ages to come we shall be praising God for the exceeding riches of His Grace in His kindness toward us through Christ Jesus?" -- Ruth Paxson

Philippians 3:19 "who mind EARTHLY things" Philippians 3:20 "for OUR conversation IS IN HEAVEN.."

Colossians 3:2 "set your affections (mind) on things above, NOT ON THINGS ON THE EARTH."

Just a question. Obviously, the upcoming election is highly emotional and highly divisive, even among Christians. I don't mean to put anyone down or make anybody mad.

But, Hillary, Trump, and the other guy, and all their personal foibles and corruptions and character issues and e-mails and tweets and quips, and even the campaign issues -- Earthly things, or Heavenly things? "Things above," or "things on the earth?"

I'm NOT saying, 'let's go stick our heads in the sand' (or 'in the clouds,' as it were), or, 'don't go out and vote' (heresy!). Not saying that.

Although, I don't think you can find one place in the Bible where we are commanded to vote or campaign or debate on Facebook.

We ARE commanded to PRAY -- I Timothy 2:1-8. Are we making sure to keep THAT command, above all our passionate attempts to set forth our own political perceptions?

Just sayin'.

I only mean to call to our minds three important "p's": Priority, Perspective, Precedence.

Old quote from J. Vernon McGee: "Our Lord has commissioned us to 'Go out and catch fish;' NOT to clean up the fish tank." (Matthew 4:19; Luke 5:10; Mark 16:15).

"This is MY FATHER'S WORLD, O let me ne'er forget; that though the wrong seems often strong, God is the Ruler yet." Psalm 76:10; Daniel 4:34-35

“Once heaven as OUR PRESENT PORTION is surrendered, all the great privileges and positions of the Heavenly Church are squandered away. The O.T. saints were wrought of God and they may put us to shame by their fidelity and devotedness and cleaving to God, but if we descend to them, we lose sight of our own position and heavenly calling!” -- J. B. Stoney

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