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Videotaping "Growing in Grace"

WE BEGIN VIDEOTAPING at LIBERTY UNIVERSITY TELEVISION STUDIO this Friday, October 12, for the American Sign Language (ASL) video version of my book, "Growing in Grace."

We have been waiting months for this, and are pretty excited!

God has blessed the use of this little book beyond my expectations. A number of former New Tribes students have used it for their own spiritual growth and in discipling others with very gratifying results. It is also being used in several Bible studies at churches around the country as I write.

The idea is to now make this and other sound Bible-based materials as accessible and inviting as possible to the Deaf Church and community.

We will start with three Deaf signers, Pastor John Wyble, Beckley Long and Richard Gokey (I won't call them "rock stars;" they're better than that! 😉), who will be signing as many chapters as we can record in the four hours studio time we have. Please, please pray!

Although this project seemed to materialize initially with the greatest of ease, it has been met with so many hurdles since then it has just left my head reeling! It's an honor, really, to say it, but I feel like the Apostle Paul: "A great door and effectual is opened unto us; and there are many adversaries" (I Corinthians 16:9).

Anyone can purchase a copy of "Growing in Grace" at my webpage: It's also available through Amazon and

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