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Love for Baby Talk

I know very well that it is our solemn duty to steadfastly encourage our children and grandchildren to depart from their "baby talk" (however adorable it may be), and teach them all proper enunciation that they might one day function with perfect fluency in this wonderful adult world they are to inherit from us. But honestly, don't you ever experience great sadness and reluctance over that, because you just deem their way of saying things to be actually superior in every respect? For instance, we wanted to raise our grandkids to call us "Bubbie" and "Zayde" (Yiddish for Gramma and Grampa, respectively). Elliot, however, came up with Aubie and "Z." In fact, young Aiott evidently caught perfectly God's whole "and they two shall be one flesh" thing, because we two soon merged into one in his vernacular. We are, inseparably, "Aubie-Z." He doesn't come over to Aubie AND Zee's house; there IS no such place. It's simply "AubieZee's," and that's that! Pardon me if I just like that a whole lot better!! (Of course, you'd have to hear it in his own inimitable voice to get the full effect!) Likewise, for Uncle B.J. and Aunt Carissa, this prodigy chose the brilliantly abbreviated and far more expedient "BeeSah." Again . . . the improvement is undeniable. And wouldn't the world just be a better place if we all adopted my grandson's "Soonie," instead of "smoothie?" "Oshies," instead of the dull, drab, "fishes?" "Puckeat," instead of cupcake, and Bocu rather than the more mundane and tiresome "bagel?" And I really believe old Thor would probably still have both eyes and his full head of hair if he could have instead gone by the masterful appellation my little guy (while studying intently the every movement of his Z's articulators) worked his tongue and teeth so hard to create for him, in a moment of profound inspiration: "Fffeeethheeyorre." Sorry. I do realize this could be very selfish of me. I am aware, realistically, that to retain these linguistic forms COULD someday hamper my grandson in adult society. So I may succumb, and encourage him away from his amazing Aiott-talk to "proper English," GROAN-up style. Or, maybe not (don't rat me out to Mom and Dad, now!) Guess I'd best pray about this. Yep. Gonna have a good ol' time of prayer and deliberation. Right after I finish my toasted bocu and soonie.

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